Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment through practical magic, witchcraft, and manifestation!

Why Choose The Practical Magic Academy?

At The Black Cat's Practical Magic Academy, we believe in unleashing inspiration, creativity, and practical magic on your journey as a burgeoning witch. We are dedicated to transforming the act of manifestation into a thrilling adventure, enabling you to craft a life that surpasses your wildest dreams. Through our guidance, you will learn to harness your inherent magic, creating a life of prosperity and abundance that reflects the true potential of your Manifestation Mindset.

Our commitment extends beyond teaching; we are invested in watching you grow, doubling your results, and helping you achieve the life of your dreams. Embrace the journey with us, and let's embark on this magical voyage together, where your dreams become reality, and your reality becomes enchanted.

Welcome to The Black Cat's Practical Magic Academy, where your magical empowerment begins. Let's unlock the door to a world where magic is not just a concept, but a practical tool for shaping your destiny.

My Journey

I Help Young Witches with Practical Everyday Magic and The Manifestation Mindset without the Frustration and Confusion of Information Overload!

Hey there, I'm Mandy – your slightly quirky guide through the mystical mazes of witchcraft, founder of The Black Cat's Practical Magic Academy, and a proud cancer butt-kicking witch. My journey into magic wasn't your typical broomstick ride; it was more like a rollercoaster through a library of mislabeled spellbooks, all during a global pandemic and my own battle with breast cancer. Spoiler alert: I won, thanks to a secret mix of practical magic and not-so-secret modern medicine (shh, don't tell my doctor I said magic played a part too).

Long story short, after dusting off some oracle cards and surviving what I like to call the 'Great Misinformation Maelstrom of the 21st Century,' I cracked the code to manifesting my desires – turns out, it's not all about divine sound waves or brainwave entrainment. Who knew?Now, nearly 3 years cancer-free, I'm on a mission to streamline your magical education, minus the misinformation. Think of me as your manifestation mentor, minus the mystical mumbo-jumbo. At The Black Cat's Practical Magic Academy, we're all about empowering your inner witch, with practical tools and a pinch of humor, because let's face it, life's too short for boring spells.

Ready to craft a life sprinkled with prosperity, abundance, and maybe a few good laughs? Let's turn that magical potential into reality, one enchanted step at a time. 🌙✨our destiny.

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My Work


Manifestation Mindset: Embracing Your Inner Universe

Guide on Your Mystical Path

13 Years of Teaching Experience

BS in Finance & Accounting

MS in Instructional Technology


The Black Cat's Manifestation Mindset: A Witch's 52 Week Undated Weekly Planner


Impeccably structured and deeply insightful, this guide serves as a luminous path for those venturing into the realms of witchcraft and personal transformation. The wisdom contained within its pages resonates with a profound authenticity, nurturing the seeds of empowerment and enlightenment within. It has not only enriched my practice but also provided a solid foundation for growth and connection in our modern world.


From the very first page, this book exudes a warmth and inclusivity that immediately resonates with the reader. Its welcoming tone creates a comforting space for exploration and learning, making it not just a guide, but a supportive friend on the journey of self-discovery. I deeply appreciate the encouragement that radiates throughout the chapters, offering not just knowledge but also confidence and motivation. It's rare to find a book that not only educates but also uplifts its readers in such a personal and profound way.


"Expertly crafted and thoughtfully organized, this presentation seamlessly integrates various topics, creating a cohesive and enlightening experience. It's a treasure trove of wisdom that I plan to revisit and reflect upon as I continue my journey. Truly, it's an invaluable guide for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and practice of witchcraft and manifestation, offering insights that will undoubtedly enrich my path towards personal growth and empowerment. A gem worth keeping close in every step forward."


Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Program Start?

Live Calls for the Manifestation Mindset are held on Mondays at 10 am MST. We hold this class 4 times per year, with each new session starting on the first Monday of each new Quarter. New Sessions for 2024 will start on April 1st, July 1st, and October 7th. You have the choice of waiting and starting with the next group or jumping in and starting with watching the replays from the previous session. The replays will be updated with each session so the newest replays will always be available.

How Do I access the Program?

You will receive login information with the link to the course in your email, typically within 15 minutes of making your purchase. Check your spam and promotions emails to make sure it doesn't end up there first and you still do not have the information you can email support@practicalmagicacademy.online

What Support do I get while going through the Program?

You will receive login information with the link to the course in your email, typically within 15 minutes of making your purchase. Check your spam and promotions emails to make sure it doesn't end up there first and you still do not have the information you can email support@practicalmagicacademy.online

What is Your Return Policy?

Please see the Return Policy Link Below

Where Do I Log In to The Student Portal?


Please Bookmark the Link or Add it to your favorites bar on your browser.

Who Owns The Practical Magic Academy?

Mandy ReNee is the sole owner and Founder of The Black Cat's Witchcraft and Apothecary, LLC
The Black Cat's Practical Magic Academy is a division of The Black Cat's Witchcraft & Apothecary, LLC

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